"Being the best is not about beating everyone else. Its about beating who you were yesterday."

"Being the best is not about beating everyone else. Its about beating who you were yesterday."

Friday, July 23, 2010

Who inspires me

Last weekend i went to California to support my boyfriend/friend/coach Vic Zachary in the 2010 Crossfit Games. I told him before the weekend started no matter what he placed i was already so proud of him. Friday was the first WOD for the athletes. They had to complete 9-7-5 of muscle ups and snatches, @ 155lb. Unfortuantely, Vic was not able to finish this workout and got his first and only DNF (did not finish) for the weekend. Getting a DNF in a competition like this is a big deal, well its everything to the athlete. I remember the last min of this workout, Vic only needed one more muscle up and five snatches. I have never screamed/cheered so loud in my life, i lost my voice day one. Thirty sec until the cut off and Vic was physically and mentally done. I knew he was not going to make it in time and my eyes quickly watered up with tears bc i knew how dissappointed he was going to be, but also the determination he had shown in the last couple minutes of that workout was really inspiring. Even though he got a DNF for that workout i have never been so proud! He didnt stop trying until he heard time. He didnt pout or hit something when he was done, instead he shook his judges hand and congratulated the other athletes, he showed true sportsmanship. The next day he demolished all three WODS, placed 35th, and greatly represented Bayou City Crossfit!

Vic, you inspire me in so many ways. You coach me to be the best athlete i can be, push me through the tough times, and is always there to encourage when im doubting myself. Thank you for showing me what it means to be a true athlete.
Beecho de Amor
Photo from Paul Sedillo @ Media975.com

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