"Being the best is not about beating everyone else. Its about beating who you were yesterday."

"Being the best is not about beating everyone else. Its about beating who you were yesterday."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

165lb OHS wha what!

Okay, so i never praise myself for my successes/accomplishments in my training with crossfit. I don't like it, it makes me feel uncomfortable, and i definitely don't want to come across as bragging because that's not what crossfit is about for me. Well, after today's workout and reading Lindsey Smith's blog last week, crossfitchron.blogspot.com, i decided to share my excitement. Today after my 4:00 class i put on my oly shoes and did CROSSFIT main site WOD which was 7 sets of 1 OHS (over head squats). I wasn't really sure what weight to start with because i haven't done strength work on OHS in a while. I started at 95lbs to warm up, it felt pretty good so i decided to start my first rep at 105lb. I went up by ten pounds every rep. I got to my sixth rep and completed a 155lb OHS!! I couldn't believe i got that! What! 155 pounds over my head, and it felt good too! So i put on another ten pounds for my last rep....165lb, more than my body weight! It discouraged me at first, but i thought about what Vic has always told me, "your alot stronger than you think" I kept on saying to myself, "you can do this, you can this, you are strong" I was focused and determined and i freaking got it!!!!! 165 pound OHS, YEA BABY!!! I was so pumped, i mean wouldn't you be!?!? I immediately sent Vic a text. I believe the exact words were, "I FU#$ING got 165 OHS" haha, yes i threw the F bomb in there, but only because i was sooooo freaking excited and the F bomb, in my opinion, is the only word that really explains your feelings, ya know what i mean?  So thank you Lindsey for writing that blog and reminding me that its okay to praise your accomplishments every now and then. GO 165lbs! I'm going to give this blog post a thumbs up around the board.

This is a client and friend of mine, Kelly Crabb who sent me a pic of her
giving me a thumbs up bc she knows how much i love them

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  1. Yay! Now see, didn't that feel good? Celebration and all!!!