"Being the best is not about beating everyone else. Its about beating who you were yesterday."

"Being the best is not about beating everyone else. Its about beating who you were yesterday."

Thursday, March 3, 2011


That is correct ladies and gentleman, i completed a half marathon and got my 1st muscle up all in one week!!! I'm sitting on cloud 9 right now. I still cant believe i have achieved both of those hurtles. Like i said in my last post, running has always been hard because i thought you had to run a 8 min mile to be considered a good runner...if your doing a crossfit WOD, then sure i understand how that can be a plus, but if your just wanting to complete whatever mile goal you have, then no. You just need to find your pace and stick with it.
I finished my half in 2:20 on my watch ( i had to stop for a quick bathroom break, so i stopped my watch for those couple sec) so to the chip on my shoe i believe its 2:21. As you can see it was held on sand but it was pact in so it really wasn't has bad as you might think. It was a good first half run for me and i am definitely going to do another one and for sure sign up for the Houston full next year! Thanks Ashley for being my running buddy and asking me to do this with you, otherwise i would have never signed up for one. Shout out to my Mom, Kim, Nate, Kristian, and Vic for coming out and supporting! That meant the world to me:)

March 2, 2011 I got my first muscle up!!! I. WAS. PUMPED!! When i got the first one, I didn't scream, freak out, or cry, i think i was more in shock because i was thinking, "did that really happen?" I went for another one just to make sure i can do it. The next two attempts i failed. "Damnit" I wanted to end the day on a good note so i tried again, and yessssss, I GOT IT! For one year i have been trying to get this freaking muscle up. Every now and then I would go to the rings try a couple attempts, drop the F bomb, get frustrated and walk away. "WTF, why cant i do this!" I'll tell you why.  First, thats no way to train for anything. i wasnt putting any effort into working on my muscle up, and i should have known better. Secondly, I wasnt facing my fear of failure. Failure to never be able to do a ring dip, failure of not staying pateint with myself, and  failure of losing determination. Its easy to ignore your fears and challenges, especially when there is a possibility of letting yourself down. I had to completly change my state of mind.  For a couple months now i have been doing ring dips after every workout, recently started doing ring rows, and the other day completed 27 dips with a weighted vest. I knew i was doing something right because about 2 or 3 weeks ago there is no way i would have been able to do that. These past couple weeks i have surprised myself and overcome many challenges. I have learned if you put your whole heart and mind to something you WONT let yourself fail. For those reading this, if you have a challenge/goal/fear you want to overcome, dont give up on yourself! You have to stay pateint, focused, and determined. Without those,  in my opinion and experience, I beleive its diffucult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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