"Being the best is not about beating everyone else. Its about beating who you were yesterday."

"Being the best is not about beating everyone else. Its about beating who you were yesterday."

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lessoned Learned

My running partner Ashley Butturini and myself began our marathon training two weeks ago. We've been doing endurance WOD's for almost a year now, but we wanted to add some longer distance running on our feet. Last week we did a fast 6 miles, I think we finished in 52: something, which is the fastest ive ever done 6 miles. I felt pretty good, except for the mini panic attack I got in the last mile.
I guess it just hit me that I will actually be doing a marathon come January 2012. I was feeling pain in my legs and feet, and I new it was only going to get worse the longer I ran, or so I thought. Yesterday we did timed mile runs 5x with a 5 min rest in between. The goal was to keep a 8:30 to 9:00 min pace all 5 miles, and we did! We actually kept a 8:35, we tried to slow our roll to 8:45 but our legs didnt want to slow down. I was feeling great and started to get my confidence back with the longer distance running.
I was thinking to myself this morning, "why did I have that mini panic attack on our first long run last week?"  Was it becuause deep down I thought I couldnt do this? or I thought I was going to fail myself? Heck NO! Of course I can run a marathon, I wouldnt have signed up for it if I didnt think I could. I realized, there is going to be a "suck factor" sometime during my 26 miles, some call it "the wall" Im know im going to hit it, everyone does. But what worried me was how I am going to handle it? My goal is to NOT walk during my marathon, and becuase I was feeling a little pain last week I immediatly went to "OMG im hurting and ive only done 6 miles, Im for sure going to walk in my marathon" What!! Negativitly! I preach to my clients about not being negative, how you cant succeed at anything with a attitude like that, and here I am thinking im not going to acheive my goal after a little pain my first long run. Isnt that silly? I was a little dissappointed in myself, but at the same time we all doubt ourselves every now and then, its normal, thats what we do. If you can overcome that fear/doubt you have when you face your weakness, that is what makes you stronger physically and mentally!
Now when I run, I have to talk to myself saying "I can run 26 miles!" 

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  1. You are awesome Katie! When I trained last year I went through the same mental test (after the first time I ran for an hour straight) but trust me it gets SO much better. Once you've climbed one hill the others don't seem nearly as steep! You will be pumping out half marathon's at ease before you know it. Keep kicking butt and if you ever need a substitute partner I'm here :)